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Michael and Gaby are a powerful duo when it comes to branding, marketing, and websites. They both work together and utilize one another’s strengths in helping organizations find their unique story, build a solid marketing strategy, and implement that strategy through websites, marketing campaigns, and more.

Arising Co began from a burden in Michael and Gaby Santiago’s heart to help organizations arise to their God-given potential and help businesses make a lasting impact.

Arising Co was established in 2020. It all started with Gaby doing marketing coaching and consulting with clients. She started with 1 client, which turned to 2, then 4, then 8, and more. Her clients loved her work and they all needed websites. Michael has a degree in programming, so he was the man for the job. That was the start to Michael and Gaby working together. Their clients started referring other clients and soon enough they found themselves helping more than 20 organizations.

Arising Co is on a mission to see organizations flourish and make a difference. We help organizations find their unique voice, story, and offer and help them create an effective branding, marketing, and website strategy to impact others.

Meet Gaby

Gabrielle Santiago

Gabrielle Santiago specializes in unlocking your unique voice, helping you create valuable offers, and creating effective marketing strategies to reach your target market. Content writing is her forte and she will help you get your business the attention it deserves.

She is a writer, speaker, and coach who longs to help others walk into their God-given purpose and see lives transformed. She is the founder of Living Revelations where they help others find God real in everyday life through blogs, podcasts, media, and online Bible studies.

Professional Experience

Worked 8 years in the Marketing Field

Gabrielle helped companies increase their revenue double-fold.

100x Certified Coach in Online Marketing

100x is the #1 Community and Training Program For Kingdom Entrepreneurs and Digital Marketing training. Gabrielle has coached more than 70 people in finding clarity about their next step for building their business.

Podcaster with over 1,000 downloads per month

Gabrielle runs the Living Revelations Ministries Podcast helping people see God real in everyday life.

Founder & President of Living Revelations Ministries

Gabrielle runs Living Revelations Ministries helping people see God real in everyday life through blogs, online bible studies, podcasts, media, and more. Gabrielle grew Living Revelation’s Instagram followers over 10k in 3 months organically and is now reaching over 55,000 people daily.

Excellent Communicator and Content Creator

Gabrielle has spoken in various Podfest events that have reached thousands of listening ears. She also writes and uploads content to tens-of-thousands who engage with her message in Living Revelations Instagram page.

Meet Michael

Michael Santiago

Michael Santiago specializes in bringing your business product or desire to fruition with a creative edge. Being both a Programmer and Graphic Designer, Michael can help serve you through website, mobile applications, graphic design, product development, and much more.

He is an artist, published illustrator, and IT consultant who longs to help others walk into their God-given purpose and see lives transformed. When he’s not working with technology, he can be found mentoring the next generation (and drawing).

Professional Experience

Worked 6+ years in the IT Field

Michael has worked at Siemens in a multi-million dollar project building and maintaining critical software for the finance team handling turbines. He has also worked in a marketing agency creating websites for various aesthetic practices, along with other freelance opportunities designing websites and consulting organizations through their technology stack.

Published Illustrator

Michael has illustrations in the book “Seeing behind enemy lines” and is constantly commissioned for various artworks.

Graphic Designer

Michael enjoys designing graphics and logos to be used in products, websites, and more.

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