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Niche and Micro Niche Websites

Niche and Micro NIche Website

Written by Michael Santiago

January 4, 2023

Websites come in all shapes and sizes, but when it comes to honing in on building a valuable website that turns into a money-making website, creating a niche and micro niche website is the way to go.

When it comes to an offer that you want to present to your customer, it can be tempting to cover all of your bases and not focus exclusively on one particular niche. You may very well be great at multiple things, such as excelling in the health and IT industry (for example), so you consider making a website that talks about both of your passions. As convenient as that may be, focusing your website on a specific niche or even micro-niche will take you further than combining multiple passions into one.

What is a Niche Website?

Let’s first define what a niche is. A niche is essentially a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service that you offer. For example, a business may be in the health industry providing care to particular people in various industries such as religious institutions, sports, technology companies, etc. Now although they provide care that can be sold across various industries, selecting a niche here would mean that they only provide care to a specific industry.

Let’s go with this fictional business providing care specifically to technology companies both small and large. Now that they have selected their niche, it’s time to brand their website to be tailor-made to attract technology companies. As a result, the verbiage on this niched website will not be composed of the pain points and relief toward sports companies, but instead, the pain points and relief that the business can provide toward technology companies.

This website can now focus its blog posts (the content strategy component to draw free search traffic through SEO) on the importance of frequent standing when sitting too long behind a computer screen, ensuring that every 30 minutes you look away from the computer screen unto a fixed object to prevent eye strain, and other materials related to the health and wellbeing of employees within the technology sector.

An example of a niche website would be my personal blog, Prospering Christian. It is a niche website (and not micro-niche) because I’m focusing on a wide variety of topics targeting Christians in general. If I wanted it to be micro-niche, then I could write specifically for men that are in business and gear the content to address topics that Christian businessmen would want to read.

What is a Micro-Niche Website?

Taking the example above, a micro-niche website would take the offer a step further by emphasizing a more specific field within the industry. In our example above, the business is serving the health industry providing care specifically to technology companies both small and large. To have a micro niche, the company can say that they provide healthcare services only to large companies such as Apple, Google, and Amazon.

Because of this, their website will now be tailor-made specifically to gain the trust and service of these companies, ensuring that the aesthetic of the website fits these companies’ interests.

Their content strategy as far as blog topics go will not just cover general health tips for the type of workers in these companies but be further refined to this specific market with topics like:

  • Prioritizing your Health in Big Tech Companies for Increased Productivity
  • Why Weekly Massages Help You Work Better
  • 7 Office Health Tips when working in Big Tech

Although there may not be many searches regarding health topics specifically for big tech companies, these posts serve as a means of trust for these tech companies to know that this (fictional) company is after the good of their employees and ultimately seeks to increase work production through their health services. This enables the health company a greater opportunity to service these companies with their offering.

Benefits & Cons of a Niche Website


Niche websites have the benefit of attracting multiple industries and thus enabling your business to gain vast experience to further bolster your services. Depending on what you do, a niche website will enable you to service more people and have an expansive content strategy that pulls in plenty of search engine web traffic.

Based on our example of the health company in the previous sections, if the company chose to serve both small and large tech companies, then they could attract micro, small, mid, and large businesses alike and create packages for each size.

The benefits of a niche website include:

  • Wide net for Keywords to drive traffic to the website
  • Wide net for affiliate marketing relating to the niche which is particularly useful for companies that make use of blogs to attract money via affiliate marketing and ads.


Among some of the cons of niche websites would be increased competition from other niche companies and most importantly other micro niche companies.

If a possible client falls under services that a micro niche company provides, they may choose to work with them instead of you because their website and business overall speak directly to their needs, whereas your company may speak indirectly.

If a possible client falls under services that another niche company provides, they’ll compare them and you to see which is the better value for their needs.

Niche websites will involve higher complexity because you will have to tailor your services across different industries within your niche. As a digital marketing company, our services for a home inspection company differ greatly from a filmmaking company: the home inspection company may want a content strategy service for their website such as writing blogs with SEO in mind and a filmmaking company may not care for that because they only want to attract major investors through direct linking of their website and thus need stronger branding for their website.

Benefits & Cons of a Micro-Niche Website


When streamlining your services to an even more specific segment of the market, the benefit you’ll find is an increase in the number of clients doing business with you because you are targeting them specifically and not speaking in general terms. It will be easier overall to make a sale compared to Niche websites.

Other benefits include:

  • Low Competition: Because you are specific with your niche, there are fewer companies to compete with (as most companies may only be niche’d).
  • Increased Profits: Because of the low competition, you’ll experience greater profits by not having the competition to base your prices upon for the companies looking to hire you for your services.
  • Strong Marketability: Because you are in a low-competition field, you will draw more attention to yourself and thus increase business. Advertisement costs may also be a lower CPC (Cost-per-click) because of your micro niche.
  • Less Complexity: By focusing on a specific market, you end up simplifying your business processes


Cons of a Micro-Niche website may involve a lack of proper research of business in your area to weigh whether having a micro-niche is worth pursuing. As a digital marketing agency, if we focused solely on digital services for megachurches locally but there aren’t many local megachurches to attract, then having megachurches as our micro-niche would not do us any good, nor the people we could have been serving.

Another con is a smaller net to attract free web traffic through SEO as your content will be specific to your micro niche.

Which is better today?

Both Niche and Micro-Niche websites are great in their own respect, and it ultimately comes down to the vision you have for your company.

Here at Arising Co, we genuinely want to serve as many industries as possible as an all-in-one agency serving Branding, Website, and Marketing offerings. Because of this, we are neither Niche nor Micro-Niche regarding our target audience, but our service is a niche because most digital marketing agencies are not all-in-one.

Because of this, we have the freedom to write about varying topics for our content that will serve a wider audience, thus attracting more web traffic when we rank in the top 10 positions for keywords.

We also get to learn much about different industries to find their pain points and come up with solutions to those problems. Our goal is to eventually create products that come about from serving these industries, where these products may very well end up becoming micro-niche should they only resolve problems in specific industries.

Because we’re not necessarily niche or micro-niche, we do have more complexities to overcome as our marketing packages differ across industries. If we were in a niche or micro-niche market, then we would have the simplicity of crafting a marketing package specific to that one industry (which is a great benefit). It just doesn’t align with the vision for our company (at the moment).

Special Consideration

If you are wanting to start a blog company that makes money through ads, affiliate marketing, or selling the website to someone else, you’ll want to focus on a niche website that enables you to rank across a wide spread of keywords to draw large amounts of web traffic to your site via SEO. This is a special consideration where a niche website will perform far better than a micro niche one due to the number of topics you can write about.

In Conclusion

Consider the benefits and cons of both a Niche and Micro-niche website when thinking of your business and the direction you wish to go. Both are superb, and it really comes down to your offering and who you want to serve.

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