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Mei’s Supermarket



When Mei’s Supermarket reached out to us, they were not getting any monthly search traffic from search engines. Their website was not configured appropriately and they were only ranking for Mei’s Supermarket on Google. This essentially meant that a customer would have to know Mei’s Supermarket exists, which is not ideal when wanting to increase your reach.

Upon working on the existing website and configuring it properly, a monthly search traffic of 55-65 began to become to the average until we redesigned the website. Upon redesign in March 2022 and now in July 1, 2022, the website has increased to a healthy 270 average monthly search traffic from Google due to our holistic website redesign that includes SEO in the content creation process.

We incorporated On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Technical SEO. Mei’s Supermarket now ranks for more than 390 keywords, with “asian market orlando” being among them that is highly searched after. This has enabled them with more Customers thus leading to more sales. Let us help you increase your monthly search traffic so you can rank first on Google for keywords that align with your business goals.

Whether you need Branding, Website Design or Website Redesign, Marketing services, and even Social Media Management, we offer it all here at Arising Co and would love the opportunity to serve you and help you arise to your God-given potential.

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